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Enoshima Island

About me

I'm an IT lover since my childhood. I had my first computer at 4 years old, i started to learn programming while reading and i never really stopped learning since.
Professionally, i'm a full-stack web developer (Maining the classic Angular/Spring stack). I also have knowledge on databases (Mostly the relational SQL-based ones). But i'm curious, so i'm training on other IT key areas, like game development (With Unreal as favorite engine), design (Web interfaces mostly), systems (Linux, Raspberry, home automation, or just computer-based tinkering).
I never forget web, so i enjoy discovering new releases/languages/frameworks. The website you're reading uses the Astro framework.


I currently work at MGEN Logo MGEN as a Full-stack Web Engineer. Aside from pure development, I also have the "Security Champion" role, so i'm responsible for some security concerns about our projects. I'm often interested about system questionnings (AWS utilisation, DevOps mindset with Gitlab CI, etc.), transversal subjects, conception and improvings.

More information about my background can be found on my LinkedIn


  • Safe Logo Certified SAFe® 6 Practitioner
  • Afnic Logo 2ème prix français du Meilleur Design, concours Dot Awards 2013 (Afnic)


Aside from programming in my spare time, I have a lot of other hobbies :

  • Sports : Mainly fitness, basket-ball and bouldering, but i also enjoy badminton and tennis.
  • Travelling : Photographing, making memories all around the world. Passionate about Japanese culture.
  • Music (Singing, Guitar, Piano)/Music Production : I produce my own music covers/original songs
  • Learning languages : I'm currently learning japanese (JLPT N5, aiming for JLPT N4), and english obviously (TOEFL soon)
  • Video games : I like studying game design, how stories are told and mechanics are used to bring feelings
  • Other projects : I helped to create a basket-ball club for my childhood village, and i'm also one of the founding members of an events association, especially in charge of the "Japan Tours Festival".


You can download my resume here.