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I abandoned my previous personal website


Goodbye, old friend

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I abandoned this 12 years little project, but i wanted to post a little something in memory.

This website was made for a design contest Afnic made, in which every “.fr” website can participate, the “Dot Awards. And it won the 2nd prize !

Why abandon this long-life website ?

I wanted to get rid of multiple problems this website have now.

  • It’s not in english, and i want to improve it by writing some posts from time to time. Especially in IT field, who knows what future is made of ?
  • It uses oldddd frameworks. Nobody likes jQuery anymore. And it uses an old version of Bootstrap. It needed some upgrades !
  • Even the design feels old now. What was “in” in 2012 is not trendy anymore.
  • I wanted to have a little, lightweight blog in which i can write on some things i like. No pressure, no time limits, i only write things i like :)


Change for something new. I had multiple ideas in mind.

  • Wordpress: One of the best ideas for this. A bit too heavy for my usecase.
  • Angular: Too heavy for a portfolio, and need a backend stack if i want a blog (Damn heavy)
  • Pure Html/CSS: Good idea for the portfolio. Control over CSS/JS frameworks and design. But need a backend stack for the blog.
  • Static Site Generator: The option i chose. Over multiple robust solutions, like Hugo and others, i chose Astro. More informations can be found on my previous article.

And now ?

The new website is meant to be my little place to think. With some posts about IT in the first place, and about other topics maybe later. It’s also meant to introduce myself, like the first-step before downloading my resume. I don’t have any “one article per week” plan, i’ll post when i have something to say and i want to share it. Let’s see what happens !